Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center

The Fuji Oil Global Innovation Center Europe (GICE) will support and enhance innovation within the Fuji Oil Group, with a particular focus on plant-based foods and sustainable processing. We combine this knowledge with our expertise in speciality oils & fats to innovate plant-based food solutions for the global food industry. GICE will utilize open innovation and external partnering to access innovative technologies complementary to our business. In addition, we aim to transfer know-how to strategic food industry partners through co-creation projects.

The Fuji Oil Group operates worldwide and has a number of regional R&D teams. GICE will work closely with teams across the world to leverage the Group’s expertise and create win-wins with our partners.

The Center is headed by Dr. Liz Kamei and will have a core team of experts who will work in a range of collaborative projects, ranging from academic collaborations and public-private partnerships to co-creation with individual companies.

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