KWS Vegetables

KWS is from origin a German plant breeding company, and with a turnover of 1,5 billion Euros the 4th breeding company in the world. KWS has grown through cereals, sugar beets and maize seeds, but focuses now also on the fast growing vegetable seeds market. KWS Vegetables develops new varieties of tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, melon and watermelon. The company focuses on growth markets such as Latin America, Southern Europe, India and China. Before coming to Wageningen, KWS already had projects with WUR in the field of agricultural crops, but now it also wants to cooperate in the field of vegetables.

KWS Vegetables has its office in Plus Ultra II. In addition, KWS Vegetables has bought a breeding company in Andijk (NL) and Noceta (IT), and has already set up trial stations in countries such as Spain, Turkey and Brazil. Preparations for trial stations are being made for Italy, India, China and Mexico. The Wageningen office currently employs 12 people, but there are advanced plans to set up a research lab of their own.

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