Want to know more about the rental opportunities in the Pastoe Fabriek?

Sander Bol     M: +31 651879427     E:
Sander Bol     M: +31 651879427     E:

Want to know more about the rental opportunities in the Pastoe Fabriek?

Sander Bol     M: +31 651879427     E:

Culture, education and entrepreneurship

Pastoe Fabriek

The Pastoe Fabriek offers space for the development of knowledge, innovations and creativity. It is a place where culture, education and entrepreneurship come together. The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) has housed its courses in the field of visual arts on the ground and second floors. Here they provide education in Design, Art Education and Art and Economics.

The Pastoe Fabriek is an ideal space for young startups and incubators that want to work together with the HKU. The tenants of the Pastoe Factory work in design, architecture, (digital) design, advertising and communication.

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The total floor area of the Pastoe Fabriek is approximately 10,500 m2. The combination of activity and education makes the Pastoe Fabriek an ideal place for creative startups. Because of the cooperation between companies and the HKU, Pastoe Fabriek is also the ideal place for students to prepare themselves for their future in the creative sector.

The industrial heritage of the Pastoe Factory is located at Rotsoord, an area between Ledig Erf and Hoograven. The complex is located on the Vaartsche Rijn near the center of Utrecht in a developing neighborhood. The Pastoe Fabriek is easily accessible by car and public transport.

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  • 10.500 m²
  • 3 floors
  • 12 tenants
  • Facility staff
  • Reception
  • Technical services
  • Ecosystem Managemen
  • 25+ campuses
  • 400+ organisations
  • 40+ buildings


The first floor of the Pastoe Fabriek has been the production area and storage of furniture manufacturer UMS Pastoe since 1918. The first and second floors were for many years the showroom of the Dutch Design Center/Toonroom. Today the Pastoe Fabriek offers space for training, companies and startups in the creative sector.


Through the Pastoe Fabriek, tenants gain access to the growing Kadans community, regionally, nationally and internationally. Through network events, Kadans’ online platform, and channels such as podcasts and webinars, among others, Kadans is strengthening its innovation ecosystem. We optimize the success of our tenants by creating an environment that meets their core needs. We do this by offering so-called ecosystem services on top of our real estate solutions. These services are provided by organizations in our partner network on a regional, national and international level.

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