Knowledge and experience with laboratories

Knowledge-intensive organisations need more than a standard workspace. Their needs are unique.

From laboratories and clean rooms to research facilities and climate-controlled spaces, our experience lies in designing, constructing and managing buildings for the scientific community.

We design and build inspiring buildings occupied by inspiring people.

Facts & Figures

42.000 m² R&D ruimtes

10+ jaar ervaring ontwikkeling R&D ruimtes

40+ gebouwen met R&D ruimtes

Want to know more about available labs in Nijmegen?

Reinoud van den Heuvel
T: +316 29069693 E:
Reinoud van den Heuvel   T: +316 29069693 E:

Want to know more about available labs in Nijmegen?

Reinoud van den Heuvel
T: +316 29069693 E:

From Kadans Science Partner you can rent a laboratory in Nijmegen and Wageningen, ideally positioned in an environment where science, innovation, knowledge sharing and cooperation are key.

Kadans Science Partner currently has two locations with state-of-the-art buildings in which you can rent a laboratory: in Nijmegen at Novio Tech Campus and in Wageningen at BioPartner Center Wageningen, also called the Food Valley Incubator.
BioPartner Center Wageningen enjoys a prime location in the centre of the Food Valley, alongside Wageningen University & Research centre, Wageningen UR. End December marks the delivery on Wageningen Campus of Plus Ultra, a building measuring 7,000 m2 where laboratories of various types and dimensions are available.

Extra services for your laboratory

On top of customized laboratory housing, Kadans offers several additional services: ecosystem services. These services are offered on top of the normal property management and technical services of our buildings. By providing these additional ecosystem services, Kadans optimizes the success of your organisation.

  • Types of laboratories

    A standard workspace is no longer sufficient for many
    organisations, especially in the life science sector,
    who seek a place that meets technical
    requirements. Kadans develops laboratories for various specialties.

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