Sharper Insights: Automated Microscopy and AI-based Image Analysis

February 29, 2024 14:00 – 17:00

Plus Ultra Leiden | Leiden Bio Science Park | Emmy Noetherweg 2

Registration Sharper Insights: Automated Microscopy and AI-based Image Analysis Nikon

Looking to deepen your understanding of microscopy, specifically tailored for experts in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries? Join us for our exclusive workshop, collaboratively organized by Nikon and Kadans.

Designed to cater to a wide range of enthusiasts in the field of microscopy, Sharper Insights highlights Nikon’s innovative smart assays and advanced image analysis software. During the workshop, we offer an engaging and educational experience, specifically designed to enhance your knowledge of the latest developments in microscopy technology.

Highlight of the Event: Join us for an exciting live demonstration of the Eclipse JI, Nikon’s latest innovation in digital microscopy. From automated assay acquisition to analysis, Subash Bommu Chinnaraj, will showcase this state-of-the-art equipment in action for the first time in Europe!

Of course we will close off this interesting afternoon with a networking session where you can enjoy some good food and interesting conversations. Can’t make it to the workshop? You are also welcome to join this networking session at 17:00 hours.


Kick off your afternoon with a warm welcome and the opportunity to connect with likeminded professionals over coffee or tea.

An introduction containing the goals of the workshop

Session 1: An introduction of Nikon’s newest product, the Nikon Eclipse JL, by product specialist Subash Chinnaraj, PhD

A short coffee break

Session 2: About the use of AI in microscopics by Monika Pawlowska, PhD

Session 3: This session combines sessions 1 and 2 through the Nikon BioImaging Lab services, introduced by Andreas Kompatscher, PhD

Conclude the workshop with an engaging networking session, providing you with an excellent opportunity to discuss interests and potential collaborations with likeminded individuals.

We expect the drinks portion of the event to end by 18:00

Plus Ultra Leiden beschikt over zo’n 16.000 m2 aan ruimte geschikt voor kantoren, laboratoria, cleanrooms, pilot plants, geconditioneerde ruimten, multifunctionele onderzoeksruimten en technohallen. Daarnaast zijn er ook vergaderzalen en presentatieruimten in het gebouw aanwezig. Ook is er een incubatorfunctie gerealiseerd waar ondersteuning, innovatie en ontwikkeling centraal staan. Rondom het centrale atrium ligt een galerij die toegang geeft tot de vrij indeelbare vloeren. Iedere vloer is vrij van kolommen en kan flexibel worden ingedeeld in een combinatie van labruimten en kantoren. Zo helpt Kadans haar huurders met het creëren van hun ideale werkplek.

About the location

Plus Ultra Leiden offers companies the opportunity to grow in a prominent location at the Leiden Bio Science Park. With its lively centre, Plus Ultra Leiden brings together a large group of enterprising companies, start-ups and knowledge institutions. In this way we create a community that is entirely about Life Sciences & Health. Synergy, meeting, collaboration, and open innovation between companies are central to Plus Ultra Leiden.

Plus Ultra Leiden is located at Emmy Noetherweg 2, Leiden

About the speakers

Subash Chinnaraj, PhD
Subash Chinnaraj, PhDProduct Manager for the Eclipse JI
Monika Pawlowska, PhD
Monika Pawlowska, PhDImage Analysis expert for the Nikon BioImaging Lab
Andreas Kompatscher, PhD
Andreas Kompatscher, PhDBusiness developer for the Nikon BioImaging Lab