After completion earlier this year, Plus Ultra II has been rewarded with the BREEAM-NL EXCELLENT certificate for sustainability. Plus Ultra II is the newest multi-tenant building on Wageningen Campus. A milestone in the further development of the campus.

After the success of Plus Ultra on Wageningen Campus, there continued to be demand for business space on the campus. Kadans Science Partner therefore started the construction of Plus Ultra II in 2019. From the moment the first plans were made for Plus Ultra II, sustainability has always played a prominent role. BREEAM is a way of designing, realizing and using buildings in which all aspects of development are approached sustainably. With the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate the building meets very high requirements. For example, the roof of Plus Ultra II has been fitted with 462 solar panels and smart and economical lighting has been applied. The building also has a heat/cold storage system that pumps water from layers deep underground for thermal storage. And of course attention has been paid to sustainable use of materials. The new building therefore fits perfectly within the green campus of Wageningen and the innovation ecosystem.

Plus Ultra II offers space for offices, laboratories, other research spaces and meet & greet facilities. The 10,500 m2 building is located right next to Plus Ultra. The two buildings are even physically connected by a skybridge. This creates one community of innovative companies, start-ups and scale-ups around the themes of food, agriculture, sustainability and health.

The first keys were handed over earlier this year and several organizations and companies have already moved into Plus Ultra II, including the Corporate Value Creation department of the WUR, OnePlanet, StartLife and StartHub, Foodvalley NL, Kubota, Witteveen + Bos, HZPC and KWS.