What we offer

Built for innovation

We invest, develop and operate specialised assets to support science clusters across Europe. With that we create a valuable network of locally connected science clusters which enhances proximity to various resources. By compiling our locations in one large network, clients get access to even more resources for talent, research and capital. In addition, our clients can easily get into contact with other people and organisations that share the same goals and ambitions. Kadans’ Global Connectivity leverages the full power of our network of science clusters to support growth for our clients.

Local Proximity

Our Local Proximity provides physical proximity to world-leading research and talent. We develop specialised assets in existing science clusters that give our clients access to the local ecosystem. With this we provide access to talent, research and capital.

Global Connection

A valuable network of locally connected science clusters enhances proximity to various resources. Our Global Connectivity adds an extra dimension to our specialised assets in local clusters by providing opportunities to connect with others from our global network.

Science Clusters

Each of our assets is positioned within an existing science cluster. These local ecosystems with multiple scientific buildings and resoursces grouped together to support the success of our clients, while we also bring many benefits to organizations in the area.

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