Global Connectivity

Take advantage of the power of our network

Global Connectivity empowers Local Proximity

A valuable network of locally connected science clusters enhances proximity to various resources. Our Global Connectivity adds an extra dimension to our specialised assets in local clusters by providing opportunities to connect with others from our global network. By compiling our locations in one large network, clients get access to even more resources for talent, research and capital. In addition, our clients can easily get into contact with other people and organisations that share the same goals and ambitions. Kadans’ Global Connectivity leverages the full power of our network of science clusters to support growth for our clients.

Specialised assets in science clusters

Science Clusters provide the infrastructure to bring the right people together. Not only do we invest and develop in specialised assets for these science clusters, we stay fully involved after completion. We take on operation and maintenance of our building, as well as activation of its community. This is what truly sets us apart from other investors and developers. We stay with our clients and the science cluster throughout their various phases.

Bringing people together

We aim to connect people and resources in order to reach shared goals. We take on the role of connector for our clients. Not only locally within the science clusters, but also on a global scale by leveraging our international network. We actively organise opportunities for people from different locations to meet each other, both digitally as well as physically. It all comes together during our yearly Kadans Innovation Summit, where people from organisations all over Europe come together to share experiences surrounding entrepreneurship, innovation and community-building.

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