Science Clusters

We aim to complement Science Clusters across Europe

Local ecosystems within knowledge-intensive environments

The key to a successful science cluster is the presence of economic, physical and network drivers.

This includes the organisations that drive and cultivate the local innovative ecosystem, such as research and educational businesses and institutions. The physical aspect includes the spaces available, both public and private, that tie the cluster together and encourage networking. This is where we come in with the development of our specialised assets. Lastly, the cluster needs individuals from these organisations and spaces to connect with each other and strengthen collaboration within the cluster. This also provides organisations with the access to talent. To ensure these drivers are present, we work on both a local and global level.

We understand the science cluster benefits from having a network of people with shared goals and ambitions. We want to support this by investing and developing our specialised assets in this science cluster.

Before developing one of our buildings, we ensure talent, research, and capital resources are present – and advise on or add any missing elements. In collaboration with leading organisations and our clients, we support and strengthen the local innovation ecosystem. We then situate our real estate solutions in close proximity to the resources required, supporting knowledge-sharing, synergy, collaboration, and innovation.

Science Clusters provide the infrastructure to bring the right people together. Not only do we invest and develop in specialised assets for these science clusters, we stay fully involved after completion. We take on operation and maintenance of our building, as well as activation of its community. This is what truly sets us apart from other investors and developers. We stay with our clients and the science cluster throughout their various phases.

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