Local proximity

Proximity around world-leading research and talent for our clients

Specialised assets in science clusters

Science clusters provide the infrastructure to bring the right people together. Not only do we invest and develop in specialised assets for these science clusters, we stay fully involved after completion. We take on operation and maintenance of our building, as well as activation of its community. This is what truly sets us apart from other investors and developers. We stay with our clients and the science cluster throughout their various phases.


The bedrock of our specialised assets is the building itself. The physical environment – comprised of the perfect mix of office and meeting spaces, as well as laboratories, cleanrooms, and climate-controlled areas – enables clients to connect with the right individuals, in the right organisations, at the right time.

Intrinsic to these extraordinary spaces is design that truly works for each individual client. Based on years of experience, we develope the perfect mix of research spaces, offices spaces and meeting spaces. From laboratories and cleanrooms to office spaces. All tailored to provide the highest standard of practical and technical facilities to support your specific needs.

Working environments are comfortable and conducive to productivity and well-being, filled with natural light and clean air. Our newest developments are energy-neutral, using low-energy installations to limit energy consumption, as well as sustainable materials and circular construction practices during the build phase. Our buildings are designed to contribute to knowledge-sharing, synergy and communication between community members. Inspiring spaces, occupied by inspirational people.


The world-leading design and personalised capabilities of our buildings are crucial to the success of our clients. But we provide much more than real estate.

While the design and functionality of our buildings are crucial, we understand the importance of on-going, human support. Each and every member of our team is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their business goals.

Local, on the ground teams take care of technical and facility management, so that our clients can focus on the things that matter. From small maintenance requests in leased spaces, to the complete design of laboratory fit-out. Kadans is your first point of contact for any support you may need.

From introducing new clients into our global network, to matching scale-ups to funding providers to support their growth. We stay with our people all the way from start-up to grown-up, setting us even further apart from other investors and developers.


We understand the key to success lies in creating a network of people with shared goals and ambitions.

By designing spaces that stimulate connections, encourage knowledge-sharing, and continually provide support, we have created a powerful community. This network encompasses local and global organisations with a shared goal to provide solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by society.

To nurture it, we actively provide opportunities for clients to engage, promoting a fun and stimulating work environment. Whether it’s at one of our business and community events, social activities, or through our global initiatives, we get organisations talking to each other.

Our Ecosystem Managers take time to understand our clients’ business and connect them with the right organisations and resources. Community Managers are available for day-to-day assistance, while the Kadans Community app provides insight into all that our network has to offer. Allowing clients to sign up for events and activities, stay updated on news, and take advantage of the various services on offer.

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