At Leiden Bio Science Park, the development of Plus Ultra Leiden is in full swing. The design of the building has now been rewarded with the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate for sustainability.

From the start of the design plans for Plus Ultra Leiden, sustainability has always been important. The building is therefore being developed with a high sustainability ambition. This ambition has been translated into practical and meaningful measures. For example, a large PV-panel roof will provide the building with electrical energy. Heating and cooling are provided by heat pumps in combination with underground energy storage, making a gas connection no longer necessary. Flexibility is also central to the design, fitting in with circular thinking and making it future-proof. Because of all these sustainability measures that have been taken into account in the design, the Dutch Green Building Council has awarded the BREEAM-NL Excellent design certificate to Plus Ultra Leiden.

Plus Ultra Leiden offers start-ups, scale-ups and larger companies the opportunity to grow at a prominent location within the Leiden Bio Science Park. The building is all about life sciences and health and serves as a central meeting point for the business community at the science park. Plus Ultra Leiden will bring together a large group of entrepreneurial companies, starters and knowledge institutions and stimulate collaborations.

Plus Ultra Leiden is part of the Kadans Science Partner international network, which connects various science parks and campuses in Europe. This stimulates cooperation between knowledge-intensive organizations to work together towards a better future.