Business model stress test for your innovation (or how to kill your innovation?)

Event information Online Briskr Workshop
Date:    Thursday January 21
Time:   13:30 – 16:30
Where: Online

To innovate is not that hard, isn’t it? But how do you kill innovations? What can you do to prevent you from becoming successful? In research over the past ten years, we have gained a wealth of experience from companies with approaches that are guaranteed to lead to failure. Some even brilliant failures, in the terms of Professor of Innovation Paul Iske. How do you work together, also in public-private partnerships? What is the role of the IT department? How do you give room to innovation, without it becoming a bottomless pit for time and money?

In this workshop, we will guide you through a number of pitfalls of innovations, particularly digital ones, that can effectively make innovation fail. In this way, we help you to avoid these pitfalls and become successful. At the start of the workshop we will walk you through a number of failure factors, a number of which are undoubtedly very recognisable. We invite you to share failures with each other and to combine that with ways to get things moving again. We conclude with a business model stress test of your idea and organisation: how strong is your organisation when it comes to innovation and which developments can strengthen or undermine your idea? We then combine everything we have shared to create a mini action plan for you. And afterwards, you will receive a trend book with digital trends and the tools we have worked with.

The workshop is given by two innovators of InnoValor, Wil Janssen and Marlies Rikken.

This workshop is  free of charge.