On Thursday, CITC, the Chip Integration Technology Center, was officially opened at Novio Tech Campus. The festive event was held in Building M, and included a formal program with several guest speakers followed by the official opening and an informal program. Speakers and guests included various companies and organizations that are involved in and cooperate with CITC, such as TNO and TU Delft.

After composition of the team, the design of offices & lab rooms and program lines running, CITC is now officially opened. During the opening the Smart Industry Fieldlab status was granted. Smart Industry or ‘smart industry’ concerns the digitization of the manufacturing industry. Through far-reaching digitization and interweaving of devices, means of production and organizations, new business models and ways of production are created. Field Labs are practical environments in which companies and knowledge institutions develop, test and implement Smart Industry solutions. They form an environment in which people learn to apply these solutions and strengthen the connections with research, education and policy.

CITC partners include BCSEMI NL, Novio Tech Campus, TNO and TU Delft, and companies Ampleon, Nexperia and NXP. In addition, various educational institutes, governmental institutes and supporting organizations are involved.

Kadans congratulates CITC with their opening and wishes them good luck in Building M!