Why we develop entrepreneurial skills

The 21st century presents a specific set of challenges and opportunities for action that people with well-developed entrepreneurial skills are more capable of spotting and acting upon. From perseverance and innovation to leadership and problem-solving, entrepreneurial skills can render minds sharper and future-proof. Crucially, entrepreneurs play a vital role in any society, not only through economic growth and wealth generation but also by bringing about social change and community development. Entrepreneurship skills have the potential to transform lives, communities and markets, which is why we are a dedicated centre to their development.

Who we are

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is the leading centre for entrepreneurship in Europe, at the forefront of entrepreneurship promotion and instruction across borders. Anchored in the belief that entrepreneurship is the primary driver for innovation, we promote entrepreneurial skills and know-how in the Netherlands and across the globe through educational programmes and trainings, doing impactful research, and by hosting over 100 startups on our campus, the iconic Rotterdam Science Tower.

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is 100% part of Erasmus University Rotterdam and an integral driver of its entrepreneurial spirit. This intrinsic relationship allows us to build on expertise from the university whilst creating a positive impact in society. We can support entrepreneurs at various stages of their ventures, from skills development to setting up their startups and scaling up to leading innovation.

In 2023, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship marks its 10th anniversary looking to the future with great enthusiasm. From being initiated by the Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus School of Economics to branching out and conducting programmes in partnership with universities in Africa and the Middle East, we are steadily strengthening our position as a global entrepreneurship hub. By instilling our core values of playing a team sport, being entrepreneurial, impactful, and delivering top league quality in everything we do, we fulfil our mission with excellence and pride.

Our campus

Being in the Rotterdam Science Tower allows us to offer a unique learning environment to our students and a remarkable experience to the visitors who come for the many events hosted at our campus. Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship has created a community for the startups hosted at our campus and the students following courses, innovators and professors, with opportunities for networking, socialising, and knowledge exchange. At the Rotterdam Science Tower, our vision comes full circle: expertise and know-how, community and network, excellence and impact, all wrapped up in a beautiful working space overlooking the Rotterdam port.