On 28-03-2023, Hosting Comparator announced the results of their Web hosting Speed Test 2023. This shows that TransIP emerges as the fastest WordPress hosting provider this year.

Hostingvergelijker.nl conducts annual research into the fastest hosting provider. This year, 12 well-known parties were subjected to a comprehensive speed test.

Web hosting speed test 2023
The Web Hosting Speed Test 2023 focused on the speed of hosting packages from 12 hosting providers: Vimexx, Antagonist, Mijndomein, Hostinger, SiteGround, WebOké, Strato, Versio, Esmero, Cloud86, Mijn.host and TransIP. These were selected based on price, specifications and popularity.

To make the speed test fair, the same website was built at each web host. This involved using WordPress. The speed test was conducted using five different tools: GTMetrix.com, Webpagetest.org, PageSpeed Insights, K6.io and Uptime.com.

After completing the first round of testing, the websites were optimised to load faster. The optimised websites were then tested again. The results of both tests are covered in detail in the research report.

More information about the speed test and detailed test results can be found on the Hosting Comparator website.

Top 5 fastest hosting providers
From the results of the Web Hosting Speed Test 2023, it is clear that TransIP is the big winner. Other hosting providers also scored well in terms of speed. The top 5 fastest hosting providers 2023 are as follows:

  • TransIP
  • Hostinger
  • Cloud86
  • Antagonist
  • mijn.host

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