Kadans Science Partner is developing a new multi-tenant building on Zernike Campus, part of Campus Groningen. DNV GL recently confirmed the collaboration with Kadans by signing the first lease agreement. In the new multi-tenant building, DNV GL plans to work with international partners on energy transition and sustainable energy systems.

The new building of over 10,000 m2 will be named ‘Plus Ultra Groningen’. ‘Plus Ultra’ means “ever further”, in reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving. In addition to accommodating DNV GL, the building will offer tailor-made offices and laboratories for start-ups, scale-ups and innovative companies and organizations. The collaboration between organizations in the building focuses on energy, chemistry, life sciences and big data, in line with the focus of Zernike Campus. DNV GL, for example, will establish a hydrogen innovation center there.

“For our Groningen DNV GL location and our employees, the move to a sustainable building with flexible workstations and state-of-the-art testing facilities is a wonderful step forward. We look forward to new meetings that the new building and the vibrant Zernike Campus will bring us,” said Johan Knijp of DNV GL.

Bringing growing and established companies and organizations together in the Plus Ultra Groningen will stimulate meetings and collaborations. All organizations in the multi-tenant building have access to common meeting facilities, business and community events and various other services offered on top of the accommodation. This way, connections are made between organizations on Campus Groningen, but also with organizations on other campuses where Kadans is active.

Zernike Campus is part of Campus Groningen, the center for innovation, research and business in the Northern Netherlands, which is developing strongly. With the development, Kadans is adding one of the largest campuses in the Netherlands to its international network. Plus Ultra Groningen is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022.

  • Plus Ultra Groningen nieuw multi-tenant gebouw op Zernike Campus
  • Plus Ultra Groningen nieuw multi-tenant gebouw op Zernike Campus