Pleco Therapeutics BV is a young company. Their goal is to develop medicines for different kinds of cancer. While they recently moved their office to 52Nijmegen, on the Novio Tech Campus from Kadans Scienc Partner, they work with a worldwide network of research organizations for their diverse research and development stages. For more information visit their website

After receiving financing from Oost NL, Plecto Therapeutics decided to move their office into 52Nijmegen, previously FiftyTwoDegrees. “One of the requirements of getting the Oost NL grant was that we would be established in Gelderland/Overijssel. For us, the location of Nijmegen the most obvious. Because we develop new medicines in the oncological field the closeness to Radboud UMC with diverse possibilities for development and collaboration are a huge benefit. The atmosphere in the building is very nice and the facilities are more than sufficient for us. Plus, the view from the tenth floor are beautiful!” Gerben de Rijk, Chief Legal Officer of Plecto Therapeutics, says.

Gerben states that Plecto Therapeutics has a good relationship with Kadans. He says: “the questions we have have always been answered quickly and adequatly. The Facility Coordinator on the Novio Tech Campus, Beau Reijers, is always easy to reach and service-minded.” The active role Kadans takes as a renter makes the partnership so pleasant.