Studio LocoMoto is a young company with a passion for animation and images. Since 2018, you can turn to them for visual storytelling. Studio LocoMoto’s home base has recently become the Blushuis at Kadans Science Partner’s TripleO Campus. An excellent choice, according to Sander Wezenbeek, co-founder of Studio LocoMoto.

Sander says that the Blushuis is a good fit for Studio LocoMoto’s needs. “The location is ideal with little travel time, the campus is nice and green and spacious and the presence of facilities such as the meeting rooms and the canteen we find very nice and neatly maintained.” He indicates.

“The opportunity to network is abundant here, such as with the drinks parties but also the mutual contacts with people in the hallways. The atmosphere is very nice and informal, we really like that there are a lot of activities organized. Unfortunately, we have been so busy that we have not been able to participate in too many of these, but we will definitely do so in the future!” Sander continues.

Sander tells us he has a good relationship with Kadans. He says: “The contacts with the people of Kadans and the Blushuis are very nice. We like that the communication is quite informal.”