Within a quarter, over 20 thousand copies of the Chinese version of “ASML’s architects” were sold in China. Chinese publisher PT Press reports that the book is now in its fourth edition.

How did “ASML’s architects” end up in China? Two people played a crucial role. One lives in the Netherlands and is called Guoqiao Tao. He’s a semiconductor veteran, who has worked in the Dutch semicon industry for over thirty years, currently at Ampleon.

“Over two years ago, at the Bits&Chips Benelux RF Conference, Tao approached me to talk about my Dutch ASML book, “De architecten van ASML.” He had read it and thought it should also be published in China” tells René Raaijmakers, Founder Techwatch and author of the book.

Read René Raaijmakers’ story on how the Chinese version of his Dutch book sold over 20 thousand copies within a quarter year. Click the link below to read the full article at Bits & Chips.