WiFi, Bluetooth, calling via your mobile phone; radio waves are no longer absent from our daily lives. And that is only the beginning, because this technology has not reached its full potential yet. What about fighting cancer, the world famous photo of the black hole or crowd management in the festival and event industry? We also learn about extraordinary innovations in agriculture, the world of sports and even the festival and event industry. And then there is 5G, what can we actually do with that?

On May 26th INNOVATE organizes in collaboration with NTC, NXP and the municipality of Nijmegen a free online meetup. An event live from our building: 52Nijmegen,  about the wonderful world of radio waves. Get inspired by five experts and learn about the latest innovations in this field. Ask questions live to the speakers and at the end of the program there is a live Q&A session with our keynote speaker, Marc Klein Wolt.

Are you curious about what the future looks like, or do you just like an evening of inspiration? Then this event is for you!

The speakers:

  • Marc Klein Wolt (Radboud Radio Lab)
  • Andrew Rijnbeek (Gigtech)
  • Klaus Werner (pinkRF)
  • Francesca Chiappini (Chip Integration Technology Center)
  • Domine Leenaerts (NXP – TUEindhoven)

The evening will be moderated by Edwin Verdurmen.


  • You can only join this event online.
  • We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience.
  • The broadcast is produced entirely within the guidelines set by the RIVM.
  • Language:
    • NL: The live broadcast is in Dutch. Afterwards the broadcast will be online with Dutch and English subtitles

Register for free and find more information via the button below