Today we introduce another member of the Kadans Community on the TU/e Campus. This time we speak with EIT InnoEnergy, located in Kennispoort.

What does EIT InnoEnergy do?

EIT InnoEnergy, a public-private partnership with the aim of accelerating the energy transition, has invested more than €560 million in over 500 energy innovations in Europe over the past ten years, both in start-ups and larger innovation projects. The support goes beyond financial support. Pioneering entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the special “ecosystem” created by InnoEnergy, involving knowledge institutions, business, financial institutions and private investors across Europe.

Why did you choose Kennispoort (at the time)?

EIT InnoEnergy chose Kennispoort at the time to be directly connected to the ecosystem for energy innovation. One of our shareholders is TU/e so it was a natural choice to establish ourselves on the campus. There are also practical advantages such as good accessibility by public transport.

What would you like to achieve on campus?

By also being a physical part of the ecosystem, we expect to be able to bridge the gap between education, research and business in order to bring innovations in the field of energy transition to the market faster and with less risk.

Which organizations on the TU/e Campus are you already collaborating with?

As mentioned, TU/e is even one of our founders and shareholders and there is a direct link. In addition, we also collaborate with organizations that focus on supporting students in founding and building start-ups. For our master’s school, a number of courses are run by TU/e. We try to increase the awareness of the EIT InnoEnergy master school by cooperating with, for example, Team Energy and supporting them in their activities.

Are there any other organizations on the TU/e Campus or elsewhere in Brainport with whom you would like to collaborate?

We collaborate with all relevant parties on the campus, but also further in Brainport or at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. These collaborations relate to innovation projects, finding new start-ups, but also bringing relevant solutions to the attention of customers.

How can you help other organizations?

We can help start-ups to develop further by providing specific assistance from our ecosystem, for example industrialization of production or finding foreign sales markets. In addition, we offer master’s degrees and professional training in the field of energy transition. Furthermore, we have a strong link with the EU and are represented in Brussels. Linking the local ecosystem with the European one offers opportunities that people may not have been aware of before.