In 2020, prior to the Olympic Games, there will be a Dutch Expo held in Tokyo, in the Team NL Tokyo Centre, to promote the Netherlands as an innovative and collaborative country in the fields of Energy, Water, Food, High-tech, and Vitality. During the Expo, the mentioned core themes are central. Moreover, several lectures and network activities will take place. The Expo is an ideal and attractive platform for companies, clusters and industries to present itself to the Japanese business community and knowledge institutions. Furthermore, the Expo offers opportunities to convince the Japanese market of the possibilities Dutch innovations has to offer. The Expo takes place from June 1 till July 10.

Part of the Expo is the Innovation Parade. The Innovative Parade presents products, processes and services, which have arisen through a collaboration between the Netherlands and Japan. If you are looking for opportunities to enlarge your network in the Japanese market, participating in the Innovation Parade at the Tokyo Expo might be interesting for your company.

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