Kadans Science Partner and Clustermarket partner up to digitize the new London wet-lab Innovation Centre at 20 Water Street

London, UK

Kadans Science Partner and Clustermarket are pleased to announce their partnership in equipping London’s newest wet-lab Innovation Centre at 20 Water Street, Canary Wharf with state-of-the-art equipment management and asset monitoring capabilities, providing fully digitized laboratories for future innovators.

The Innovation Centre will be available in June 2023 and provides flexible, fully fitted, CL2 wet-labs and office accommodation along with access to shared equipment facilities, meeting rooms, and breakout space. Tenants can rent a private lab or a single bench in a shared space. The Centre also benefits from an in-house Laboratory Technician and Community Manager to provide technical support and guidance to tenants. 

Digitization is rapidly taking over the modern world and the R&D field is no exception. With laboratories being the biggest innovation hubs, digital adoption is crucial to ensure data reproducibility, cost savings, and speedy discoveries. The partnership between Kadans Science Partner and Clustermarket will provide tenants of the Innovation Centre with a combination of modern laboratory infrastructure and off-the-shelf digital setup to optimize their research and development processes. The integration of Clustermarket’s innovative software with Kadans’ expertise in developing science and technology parks will result in a unique offering to the scientific community.

“We are delighted to partner with Clustermarket and bring this innovative solution to our tenants,” said James Sheppard of Kadans Science Partner. “Our aim is to provide our tenants with the best facilities and resources to enable them to focus on their research and development. The addition of Clustermarket’s software will streamline the equipment booking process and provide real-time asset monitoring, giving tenants complete control and visibility over their laboratory resources.”

Clustermarket’s software will enable tenants to schedule equipment usage, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. The system will also provide real-time monitoring of equipment usage and maintenance needs, ensuring equipment is always in optimal condition.

“We are excited to work with Kadans Science Partner and enhance the research capabilities of the community,” said Tobias Wingebermuehle, CCO of Clustermarket. “Our software will enable tenants to book and manage equipment efficiently, providing greater control and flexibility. By digitizing laboratory equipment management, we are empowering the innovators of tomorrow to focus on their research and development, not the administration of their laboratory resources.”

The digitization of the Innovation Centre laboratories will provide tenants with cutting-edge resources and enable them to conduct research with greater efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. This partnership between Kadans Science Partner and Clustermarket is a significant step forward in the digitization of laboratory equipment management and will serve as a model for science and technology parks globally.

About Clustermarket:

Clustermarket is the world-leading equipment management and scheduling system helping laboratories optimize their operations and accelerate results. Clustermarket equips lab managers with an easy-to-use software solution enabling them to coordinate equipment usage, plan maintenance activities, and generate reports for resource planning. Research teams benefit from asset monitoring capabilities through premium IoT sensors to monitor environmental parameters. Clustermarket is designed for fast implementation and high adoption within the organization, offering integrations with various other software solutions.

More about Clustermarket: www.clustermarket.com

About Kadans Science Partner:

Kadans Science Partner is the European leader investing in the development of ecosystems and real estate with a dedicated focus on the knowledge-intensive sector. Kadans has invested across various specific areas, like agri-tech in Wageningen, life sciences in Leiden, and cell & gene therapy in Stevenage, UK. Kadans provides its tenants with an array of additional services tailored to their specific needs. In December 2020, Kadans was acquired by AXA IM Alts, which, as a long-term capital partner, has allowed us to significantly accelerate our growth.

Kadans is currently present on 26 campuses, in 7 countries, where it operates over 7 million sq ft of space for over 400 tenants, including start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, government bodies, and educational institutes. Kadans has a solid view of the developments our tenants and partners are currently working on and which parties in our network could benefit from connecting.

More about Kadans Science Partner: www.kadans.com