Date: Thursday July 1
11.00 – 11.55 CEST : Presentation Hezelburcht
12.00 – 13.00 CEST : Discussion personal cases
Where: Online
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Research and development processes are important to secure the future of your company. These processes provide essential information and ideas that support and/or modify your company’s strategic decision-making. This information can be converted into new processes, products, and services. By investing in these processes, you are therefore investing in the future and technology of your company.

Subsidies are available for this type of investment. These subsidies are intended to support small and medium-sized enterprises in research and development projects with a (high) risk. But do you know what a high risk is and how to make the application as successful as possible? What kind of costs are eligible for subsidies and what kind of research is eligible for funding? Are your research and development processes suitable for certain subsidies programs?

Kadans Science Partner has invited an expert on subsidies to give you a short overview on subsidies.  Jasper Koetsier is a grant consultant specialized in Life Sciences, Health, and Innovation. He advises and supports companies within these sectors with their grant applications. He has supported companies with various applications, ranging from local grants to large European grants.

Jasper Koetsier will tell you what subsidies are available, and he will update you on some general terms in “the land of subsidy programs”. He uses the MIT R&D funding and Eurostars funding as examples.

After the webinar, there will be an opportunity to discuss questions and cases relevant to your own company. Are you interested? Please send your questions/cases along with your registration and we will send you a TEAMS login link by email.

Jasper Koetsier – Grant consultant, Hezelburcht

Tom Straeter – Senior Ecosystem Manager, Kadans Science Partner

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