Kadans welcomes another new tenant to Building M on Novio Tech Campus: the Chip Integration Technology Centre (CITC). Friday August 30, the lease agreement for office and laboratory space was signed. At CITC, joint research is conducted into new chip integration technology for future use in the chip industry. The tenant matches the current ecosystem at Novio Tech Campus perfectly, which includes NXP, Nexperia and the Business Cluster Semiconductors amongst others. At CITC various companies and knowledge institutions, such as TNO, NXP and various educational institutions, work together on innovations for the future.

Rikus Wolbers, director NTC: “At Novio Tech Campus innovation is key. Innovation is never done alone, but by sharing knowledge and experience. Chance encounters during a joint lunch or new information during an event for professionals in Health and High Tech can make the difference. Novio Tech Campus facilitates and stimulates the connection which is essential for CITC to bridge the gap between science and market: The Bridge to the Future.”

The first program lines within CITC are being developed and with the new location CITC is ready to start. From September 2, the first CITC employees can be found in their new office in Building M on Novio Tech Campus.

Kadans wishes CITC good luck in Building M!