Social Catch will move to the new Merkhuis on TripleO Campus. The lease agreement has been officially signed. Dennis van den Berge signed the agreement on behalf of Social Catch, Chiel van Dijen did so on behalf of Kadans Science Partner.

In April the construction started of Merkhuis on the TripleO Campus in Breda.  Social Catch is one of the first tenants of the new multi-tenant building together with A Brand New Day.

Social Catch focuses on advertising and online strategies. In the past 4 years Social Catch has grown enormously. The company is therefore ready to take the next step. With a new home base in Merkhuis there will be room to grow even further. This results in the company being an important part of the community on campus.

“The Merkhuis is the perfect building within the TripleO Campus for Social Catch as a company to grow to the next level and remain part of the TripleO Campus”, says Dennis van den Berge, founder of Social Catch.

Merkhuis is located in between the other buildings. This makes it part of the heart of the campus. By placing growing and established companies and organizations together in Merkhuis, meetings and collaborations are stimulated. All organizations in Merkhuis have access to shared meeting facilities, business and community events, network organizations and various other services that are offered on top of the accommodation. This way, connections are made between organizations on the TripleO Campus, but also with organizations on other campuses where Kadans is active.

TripleO Campus Breda
The TripleO Campus is the center for creativity and technology in Breda and its surroundings. Professionals from over 100 companies from different creative disciplines work together here. The combination of high quality spaces and shared facilities, such as the shared outdoor space, studios, a grand café and meeting rooms, stimulate the mutual collaboration. Kadans already has several buildings on the TripleO Campus, next to AV-Huis, Blushuis, Pakhuis and Posthuis is now adding Merkhuis.