Marjolein Brasz: new Managing Director Foodvalley NL

The Netherlands is incredibly well positioned to play an important role in the global transition to a sustainable food system. We have ample experience and knowledge, and an excellent reputation. As we are used to collaborating across sectors and value chains, our innovative power is immense. It is now imperative to put this collective power to use for the benefit of research and businesses and the acceleration of this transition. That’s what Marjolein Brasz, the new Managing Director of Foodvalley NL, says.

“Independent organizations, such as Foodvalley NL, are crucial in transitions; they set the long term ambitions, define lines of action, develop impactful initiatives from a neutral stand and mobilize parties to work together”, says Brasz. “I find the organization to be knowledgeable, energetic and very driven. I’m really proud to be part, and to be working at this organization, in this ecosystem.”

Edith Schippers, Chairman of the Board of Foodvalley NL, is delighted with the arrival of Brasz as Managing Director: “With Marjolein we are getting a strong personality with drive and relevant experience. She is the right match for our growth ambitions and our national and international focus. Marjolein has a clear vision, inspires people and focuses on cooperation.”