Kadans Science Partner is excited to announce the start of a new partnership with Catalyze Group. With this partnership, the organisations within our community will be able to gain financial support and succeed in innovation.

Jalal Es-Sbai, founder & director of Catalyze group, has the following to say about their partnership with Kadans: ”Kadans has a huge network within the Life Science industries and academic institutes established in a number of European countries that could benefit from Catalyze expertise in securing funding to advance their R&D projects.”

Catalyze Group is a market-leading consultancy that focuses on the support of innovations across the Life Sciences & Health and Green & Sustainability sectors. They drive the success of meaningful innovations by lowering the thresholds to resources for researchers and SMEs. There are hundreds of grants, subsidies and loans available, with the procedures of obtaining them complex, time-consuming and highly competitive. By providing funding consulting, such as funding applications, reviews and resubmissions, they allow organisations to get the financial support they need.

Catalyze can support the Kadans community by providing many entrepreneurs and researchers with great tools and advice on how to take their innovations to the next level. Furthermore, tenants from Kadans will get a compelling discount from Catalyze on expertise and support in writing grant proposals and making tailor-made strategic assignments.

With this partnership, we are adding another valuable partner to our community, enabling us to support our tenants even better with their research and development activities.

“We are glad that this partnership provides more ways to support our tenants with the challenges they face. Furthermore, the expertise from Catalyze is a perfect match for our innovative community at Kadans,” says Tom Straeter, Senior Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner.

For more information on the possibilities, please contact Elise Verschoor, Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner.

Moreover, make sure to attend the Workshop from Catalyze about obtaining funding for your innovative ideas! The workshop will be held during the Festival of Disruption at the Disruptor building on the TU/e Campus. Register here!

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