The Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) – the first winner of the AMI biocluster France2030, Sadev94 – the regional developer – and Kadans Science Partner have signed a partnership agreement to accelerate the development of a district dedicated to innovation in oncology in Villejuif.

The PSCC is a unique initiative in France in the fight against cancer, designed to encourage the emergence of new solutions for patients. The PSCC brings together and coordinates the oncology community and supports projects in this field, whatever their size (start-ups, SMEs, major groups) and activity (therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics), by facilitating access to resources that are essential to their acceleration (access to experts, technology platforms, data, clinical trials, etc.).  To ensure its success, the PSCC is drawing on the region’s academic and clinical excellence, in particular its close proximity to the Institut Gustave Roussy (Europe’s leading cancer research centre), its industrial base and the local players who are developing the site for this ambitious project. These include Sadev94, which, at the instigation of the local authorities, has been working for over 10 years to strengthen Villejuif’s role as a hospital town in the ZAC Campus Grand Parc, around the new Grand Paris station “Villejuif – Gustave Roussy” (lines 14 and 15).

The formalisation of this partnership with the PSCC and Sadev94, of which Kadans Science Partner (a European leader in the development and management of Science Clusters) is the first operator to sign, will help to make this new district a mecca for innovation and offer scientific communities, the city and patients an environment of excellence.

By the end of 2025, Kadans will be the operator of France’s leading private centre dedicated to life sciences, particularly oncology, which is currently under construction, called The Hive.

Companies and research organisations can rent laboratories that combine performance and flexibility thanks to Kadans’ expertise. The future occupants of The Hive – up to 1,600 researchers – will have access to shared spaces and services, in an environment that encourages and synergies.

Together, the PSCC, Sadev94, Kadans and the future signatories will combine their skills to create, through this agreement, an environment conducive to the development of a wealth of research.

Eric Vivier, Chairman of PSCC, comments: “It has been shown that building ecosystems anchored on a common geographical site that encourages exchanges between companies, researchers and clinicians accelerates innovation in healthcare. The PSCC’s ambition is to drive this international site of excellence to change the pace of innovation in the fight against cancer. We are delighted with this partnership with Sadev94 and Kadans Science Partner, which embodies a shared ambition.”

Christophe Richard, Managing Director of Sadev94, comments: “This partnership with the PSCC and Kadans Science Partner reinforces the conviction of the local councillors that Villejuif has all the qualities needed to host the leading innovation centre for cancer research. We are delighted to have found partners we can trust to pursue this ambition. As a developer, we are committed to ensuring that this centre of excellence emerges from a mixed neighbourhood, where researchers, residents and patients will live together in an inclusive and dynamic environment.

Elsa Ferrard, Director of Kadans Science Partner France, comments: “This partnership fits in with Kadans’ DNA. We are committed to the development of innovative ecosystems. We are delighted to be working alongside the PSCC and Sadev94 to bring to fruition this much needed, stimulating and innovative project for the benefit of as many people as possible.