Leiden, November 2, 2022 – We are excited to launch a new partnership with Talentmark, our new tenant at Plus Ultra Leiden. Talentmark is moving into our new Plus Ultra building on the Leiden bio Science Park. Soon, they will be able to contribute to the growth of individual organisations within our global network. Using their expertise in recruitment, they help companies to grow their business to the next level. Moreover, the partnership will provide many exclusive benefits for our tenants and will further improve the quality of our community.

Robin van Woerden, Group Commercial Director at Talentmark, has the following to say about the partnership: “We immediately recognized that the mission of Kadans and Talentmark is quite similar. Truly supporting the Life Sciences industry and ecosystem within and outside the Netherlands. Additionally, recruitment is a very hot topic with the current demand for talent. Therefore, being able to support Kadans tenants with Life Sciences focused recruitment seemed like a very logical step.”

Talentmark has more than 50 years of purpose-led commitment to helping Life Sciences & Health organisations. With a focus on companies that are in need of recruitment support, they contribute to the growth of innovative organisations. They offer recruitment services, contracting, permanent, executive search, interim services and managed recruitment programs. With 55 focus positions in 12 areas of expertise focused on the core processes of Life Sciences & Health organisations, they offer a wide range of personnel.

The move to plus Ultra Leiden and the partnership with Kadans fits right into the vision of Talentmark. Being part of the community of Kadans and able to directly connect with fellow tenants, will allow them to help organisations with the current challenges they face when searching for new employees. Moreover, the Kadans community allows Talentmark to expand their services internationally.

The new partnership brings the following service benefits to our tenants:

  • HR Desk: Talentmark offers free short consultations for simple cases on e.g. HR, Recruitment, Employer branding and other related questions. It can be quite difficult for many startups & scale-ups to start their recruitment successfully. Therefore, Talentmark will be glad to help our tenants to find the best ways for them to get in contact with the right people.
  • Kadans tenants will have the first pick on talent for laboratory & R&D staff. Every week, Talentmark will share the top profiles for laboratory & R&D staff exclusively to Kadans tenants. Therefore, our tenants will have a competitive advantage compared to organisations outside the Kadans community.

“We are excited to have started our partnership with Talentmark. We think that with their new location in Plus Ultra Leiden and their unique and useful service benefits, Talentmark is able to further support the success and growth of our innovative Life Sciences community,” says Tom Straeter, Ecosystem Manager Kadans Science Partner.

We wish Talentmark success with their endeavors and are excited to see what the future of the partnership will bring!

For more information on the possibilities, please contact Elise Verschoor, Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner, or Robin van Woerden, Group Commercial Director at Talentmark.

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