Cancer is one of the world’s most devastating diseases. Its treatment can be punishing, and have several nasty side effects. Fortunately, scientists have a better idea now of how to treat it, and the experimental techniques being used now may be commonplace in the future. At least, that’s what many experts think.

Host Rudy van Beurden has invited three guests who are experts in this field: Jacqueline Barry, Chief Clinical Officer at CT Catapult; Erik Manting, CEO at Immunicum AB, and Trudy Straetemans, Assistant Professor at UMC Utrecht.

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In Building the Future, various experts discuss how they see the future. They will talk about the latest innovations, explore the social debate and try to create a picture of the future. Because no matter what we think, fact is that the world is changing. Therefore collaboration is essential for innovation.

The unique thing about the podcasts is that the experts all come from within Kadans’ ecosystem. This makes the podcast not only a platform for Kadans partners to share their knowledge, but also a perfect illustration of how the ecosystem works: knowledge sharing, innovation and collaboration between different parties from industry, government and science.

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