On Thursday 15 July, the network drink took place in cooperation with Breda Startup! In a living room setting on the terrace of the Blushuis, guests could take place. Seated and at 1,5 meter distance, because this was obligatory due to the latest COVID measures. But this could not spoil the fun!

Many different companies of all sizes attended the event. Start-ups, scale-ups, municipalities and also large organisations. Co-host Peter Brouwers hosted the network meeting and introduced Kadans Science Partner. Tom Straeter and Saskia van Rijn presented Kadans as organisation and talked about what is happening at the TripleO Campus. The Breda campus is unique: the club of companies is approached as one community, because according to Kadans this has a strengthening effect. Future plans include renovating the canteen, major external events and collaboration with colleges.

Speakers Jeroen de Punder and Roderick Rodenburg started their inspiring stories soon after, in conversation with Peter.

Jeroen de Punder is the owner of Social Care Network, from which the well-known label NLvoorelkaar originated. NLvoorelkaar has grown into the largest platform for voluntary action in the Netherlands. Every year, the do-good platform is visited by more than a million people. Jeroen tells about how it all started, that he gained a lot of experience by working for brands like Ricoh, Axis and Kwantum.

This all changed when his daughter was diagnosed with the Usher syndrome. This means that sooner or later she will become blind and deaf. An intense process, but his daughter does not let herself be known and sets beautiful goals. Jeroen was inspired: “How can I contribute something to make my daughter proud, and also do some good in the world? And so it happened. He, too, had his share of setbacks, but in the meantime NLvoorelkaar has been discovered by the Dutch national football team, Rico Verhoeven, the Ministry of Finance and even by the Royal Family. A concept to be proud of.

Shortly afterwards, Roderick Rodenburg followed, owner of Roseman Labs. A company that specialises in secure computing software. They simplify the latest privacy technologies when working with highly sensitive data. Their technology allows organisations to analyse data that is stored in different silos and remains there. This data is encrypted and then run a calculation on it.

Rodenburg cites the example of complex police cases where different informants want to communicate with each other. Previously, this data was collected at a central point for analysis. You just had to hope that no one would steal the data.

With the method of Roseman Labs, the data remain in place. The algorithm travels, as it were, along the various databases. The concept of data sovereignty is given concrete form. So everyone remains in charge of their own data.

TripleO Campus and Breda Start Up look back on a successful event and look forward to the next meeting.