After the success of Plus Ultra on Wageningen Campus, there continued to be demand for business space on the campus. Kadans Science Partner has therefore developed a new building: Plus Ultra II. Today we celebrate this milestone with the premiere of a digital look into the new building.

The first keys were handed over earlier this year and several organizations and companies have already moved into Plus Ultra II. Normally this would be the occasion for a grand opening party, but due to the current circumstances this is of course not possible.

To celebrate this milestone anyway, we present an official first look at Plus Ultra II. In this dynamic 10-minute film, we would like to take you through the building and introduce you to its first users.

In the above video we speak to the first tenants of Plus Ultra II: Corporate Value Creation (WUR), OnePlanet, StartLife, StartHub, Foodvalley NL, Kubota, Witteveen + Bos, HZPC and KWS. We also hear from the architects of Proof of the Sum and of course Kadans Science Partner. Together we will discuss the added value of accommodation in Plus Ultra II and on campus, and we will get a unique view of the brand new multi-tenant building.

Plus Ultra II, like its predecessor, offers space for offices, laboratories, other research areas and meet & greet facilities especially for organizations and companies involved in food, agriculture, sustainability and health.

Would you like to come have a look yourself? Hopefully we can organize a grand opening party in 2021. Can’t wait that long? Contact Rik Creemers to set up a viewing to see what possibilities Plus Ultra II can offer you.

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