Online crime is now just as common and obvious as in the offline world: Ddos attacks, theft of personal data, phishing… and so on. But in our connected society, the stakes are often very high when computer systems fail. Online security is getting smarter, more efficient, and more robust every day. On the other hand, cybercriminals are also getting better and better. The big question is: who will win this race? We explored the answer to this question in episode 6 of our podcast series ‘Building the Future’. 

 “The race against cybercriminals is unwinnable”

John Koot, Alliance Director of OrangeNXT was one of the experts that shared his views on this statement during this podcast episode. In addition to his participation he wrote a blog to explore the statment even further.

“I would say I disagree with this theorem, however the word unwinnable suggest that there is an end. Cybercriminals will always exploit new vulnerabilities and ways to create a business model that pays off their actions.”