On Friday February 7, Sjoerd Harsveldt, on behalf of Kadans Science Partner, has exchanged the key of At the Park to Hans Vermathen of CBR.

The CBR (the Dutch Central Bureau for Driving Licenses) has signed a temporary lease agreement with Kadans Science Partner for the lease of ca. 1350 sqm office space at location ‘At the Park’. This way, the CBR can continue their service provision for theoretical exam candidates in the Rijswijk region.

Due to arson at the exam location along the Lange Kleiweg, the CBR was not able to continue examination. Since February 18, exam candidates are welcome at the temporary accommodation in Rijswijk. The CBR is happy to be able to continue their service provision this quickly. CBR expects to stay until May 1, when restoration works at their own location should be finished.

At the Park is the location of Kadans Science Partner at the former Kessler Park. Kadans acquired Kessler Park in July 2019 and is currently working hard on the redevelopment. At the Park will become the new knowledge-intensive campus of Rijswijk, with laboratories, offices, shops, restaurants and housing Kadans provides the Plaspoelpolder with a vibrant green heart.